sobota 8. apríla 2017

Universal Disk Cloner

Universal Disk Cloner is as simple as possible disk cloning, imaging and wiping tool. Works on Windows XP and up (32 or 64 bit). Program is freeware and portable. Requires no installation. With this tool you can make precise copy of your old disk to the new one. You can clone disk to disk, disk to file, file to disk or wipe entire disk with zeros or random data. Program supports compression for saved image files. You can protect saved image files with AES-256 encryption. NOTE THAT this program does not work with partitions. It clones/wipes entire physical disks. Program clones disks regardless of used file systems, so you can clone disks with FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/3/4, ReiserFS, XFS, JFS or any other file system you can imagine. Program supports disk with unlimited size.

You can work with any device mapped to your system as fixed or removable that supports low level disk access. You can use any hard drive, USB flash disk, SD card, virtual disk (VHD), etc. Even some ram disks can be cloned. Program may clones all devices that supports \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEx access. You can also clone larger disk to smaller one (of course without warranty that new disk will work same as the original). Programs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. For more informations read INFO.txt.

WARNING: program is designed for advanced users. If used inappropriately you can lose your important data! Use it on your own risk. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Before using the program read Disclaimer first.

- You should run program with administrator rigths.
- Before picking source or destination disk click on refresh button.
- Destination disk should be of same size or more than source disk/file (it's not necessary but then result is without warranty).
- You must ensure that there is enough free space at target partition or disk, mainly if compressed image file is used.

- I make clone to USB disk and now it has fewer GB's that it has before and formatting does not help...
  You can bring your Gigabytes back. But I warn you that you lose all your current files on disk by doing this. Just wipe first kilobyte of disk and than reformat disk in Windows.

- I plug in the disk but it does not appear in the available disks list...
  Make sure that you start program with administrator privileges. Try to click refresh button, if it does not help then disk is probably not mapped as \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEx device and can't be used in the application.

Universal Disk Cloner - Download here.

štvrtok 23. februára 2017

File Time Browser

File Time Browser is easy to use utility which allows you to "browse" files by their times of creation, last write or last access in choosed directories and displays it on interactive graphical timeline. Can be used for quickly finding last created/changed files or files with some abnormal times. Look at screenshot for more info. Freeware. Requires no installation. Programs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

USING: Choose folder (drag and drop can be used). Then click on Reload button. Program searches for all files in specified directory (and optionally all subdirectories) and reads info about its times (creation, last write, last access). Then sorts files according to choosen criteria and shown results in timeline window and listbox. For speed things up listbox can be switched off. By clicking on 'Update' button, program updates timeline and listbox according to dates/times set in start and stop date/time pickers and sorts them by the selected criteria. With 'Reset' button you can reset start and stop date to initial values (as when 'Reload' was pushed). You can memorize start and stop dates with memory set 'ms' button and recall it with memory read 'mr' button. You can choose start and stop interval in the timeline window (green area) using the mouse. After any change, click 'Update'. Note that if large amount of files are scanned on slow harddisks than scanning process can take minutes. Download here.

Acid Scanner

Acid Scanner is freeware TCP/UDP terminal and shared network resource scanner. It allows you to scan a single computer or multiple IP addresses (range or list) for available shared resources, establish connection via tcp or udp protocol and sends and receive custom data. Should work on WinXP and higher. Requires no installation. Programs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Download here.

nedeľa 6. júla 2014

Dll Injector

Dll Injector is easy to use 32-bit tool that allows you to inject your custom dll to running or newly started process. Just look at the picture. Download here

Inject method used is:
pMem = VirtualAllocEx()
WriteProcessMemory (pMem, dll_path)
CreateRemoteThread ("LoadLibraryA", pMem)

utorok 15. apríla 2014


Pediffer is enhanced pediff.dll-GUI application with some advanced features. Freeware. Requires no installation. Programs is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

With this utility you can compare two PE-module files (exe,dll,...). Pediff.dll uses levenshtein distance algorithm to find identical or similar functions in two binaries. There's an option to import .map file for first binary and remap it correctly to second module. External text differ application can be easily integrated. Program often gives better results than its competitors TurboDiff, PatchDiff and DarunGrim. Archive includes C++ source code - class which allows you to write your own PE-differ. For complete info look at attached Info.txt. Download here.

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